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In Bulgaria we speak mainly for Google SEO. What does it mean?

We live in a period of crisis and the competition between firms is increasing continuously. It is noticed continuous strive in business to find more effective solutions of variety of user problems, and proper communication of those decisions. All this calls for an active work in the field of marketing. People are needed to investigate the market, because the most important condition of taking any management decision is conducting of serious research. Receipt of a proper, targeted and adequate information from Internet nowadays is a key point in the direction of supply and demand.

In 2011 the specialists offering SEO site, work in particularly unfavourable environment, because SEO is not a product, but a service that is not visible - „Mountain wind”. SEO offers the possibility for us to stand out among the rest with the competition, and to present in the results of the search engines.

There are many factors which have to comply with the robots of Google and the way they search and display results.

  • Name of domain
  • Meta title of the page
  • Meta keywords
  • Meta description
  • Number of repetition of the keyword or phrase in the text
  • links taking to the site (registration in portals, search engines)
  • visit the site, time of stay, new visits
  • ..... etc.

This is not an one-time process, the information in the site must be updated to allow Google takes into account that the site is maintained and developed.

SEO for an internet presence has never been so strategically, as today. It has developed and enhanced, search engines continue to indicate and to increase their database over hundred million Web sites. Displaying in the first results has become a necessity Internet users who use and rely on the results of the search engines are more and more and 90% of them do not seek information at the end of the third page of results.